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This product consists of:

- A blue laminated strip (or multiple strips if the routine is too big for 1 strip)

- Black and white laminated pictures in a blue frame

- Sticky Velcro, with which the pictures are being stuck on the strip

A visual routine is helpful for children who have difficulties staying on task, particularly children who have difficulties with processing information such as children with ASD, ADHD, Intellectual Disability and Auditory Processing Disorder.

If you are in need of additional pictures, please contact us on

This blue afternoon routine is particularly made with boys in mind, however the pictures are gender neutral and therefore applicable to everyone.

We have chosen to work with black and white pictures as a lot of children suffer from ‘colour association’.

In case of colour association children have difficulties making the link between a red toothbrush on the pictures and their own green toothbrush. This can lead to task refusal. We therefore have chosen to work with black and white pictures.



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