Does your child display for example:

- Non-compliance regarding the morning routine

- Dependency regarding getting dressed

- School refusal

- Toileting issues

- Poor table manners and restlessness during dinner

- Refusal to eat

- Bedtime behaviours such as stretching bedtime, constantly yelling out or comming out of bed

- Meltdowns when having to put the iPad away

- etc.


At Practical Behaviour Solutions, we offer:

- Solution focused online Behaviour Modification and Coaching Consultations.

It is our aim to find out reasons behind the behaviours as we are of the opinion that behaviour is a symptom not the real problem and there is always a reason for behaviour.

We work family focused and needs based, which means that we take the needs of all family members into consideration in our consultations.

Our appointments are solution focused.

As client you provide us with information about your child, behaviours, family situation, diagnosis, etc. and you tell us what areas of life are difficult to manage for you as a family.

Practical Behaviour Solutions will provide you with

  1. An outline of reasons as to why this particular behaviour occurs.
  2. Practical solutions regarding what is needed to change the problem behaviour.
  3. The tools needed to change the behaviour.
  4. An indication as to how long it will take to change behaviour if strategies are consistently being followed up on.
  5. If you are on the Gold and Tweed Coast in Australia, we might be able to link you in with great people, who can provide you with coaching in the home environment.


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Practical Behaviour Solutions specialise in problems related to a range of disorders such as (but not limited to):