Our Team

Judith Peerlings, Director & Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Gold & Tweed Coast):

Judith is a Social Worker from The Netherlands who obtained 2 Bachelor Degrees in Social Work:

- Social Pedagogic Assistance (1996)

- Social Work and Social Services (1998)

In 2009 Judith migrated to Australia where she actively started working in Private Practice in 2012. Due to the incredible success of her methods and results booked, she started to expand her practice, which now covers areas from Helensvale and Pottsville.

She works as behaviour practitioner and is very skilled in pinpointing what needs to be changed and coaching parents and children in making these changes.


Aimee Blacker, Occupational Therapist:


Aimee has a strong passion for working with the innate abilities each and every child is gifted with. She sees the potential within their constantly developing and evolving bodies and minds to grow beyond their present limitations and achieve what they are capable of.

She believes therapy and goals should be family-centred and family-driven.

Aimee is a passionate surfer, which can be included in the therapy sessions.


Louisa Dawdy, Receptionist:

Louisa is our friendly and helpful receptionist, to whom customer service is very important.

She is our gem behind the screens, who keeps the practice going and takes care of staff and client enquiries and lots of additional administrative tasks.


Beata Ozhylovski, Naturopath & Nutritionist (Gold & Tweed Coast):

Beata is our Naturopath based on the Gold and Tweed Coast. Beata is passionate about gut health and focuses her treatment plan on restoring gut health by using a combination of evidence based therapies. She also runs in house nutrition workshops providing familes with practical ideas to promote healthy habits.

For more information on Beata and Naturopathy vist B inspired healthy lifestyle


Junior Pauga, Music tutoring (Burleigh to Oxenford):

Junior is father to 3 children, has worked in the disability field for years and is very passionate about reaching people through music. 

His services focus on children with and without special needs.


Brett Glover, Community Support Worker:

Brett is our community support Worker, with extensive experience in the security field and as footy coach to children in the late primary school age.

He is passionate about teaching children values and courtesy skills when on shift.


Stuart Smith, Maths and Science Tutor:

Stuart offers methodical maths and science lessons and is skilled in teaching children, who struggle to grasp abstract concepts.