MUSIC Tutoring


Music is a universal language, for kids with special needs music engages their sensory needs and can make the difference between isolation and interaction. Certain rhythms and harmonies can stimulates learning, responsiveness, encourages communication and growth.


Junior Pauga is now available as our special needs and music tutor and communicator. Operating from Burleigh to Oxenford


Junior is father to 3 children, has worked in the disability field for years and is very passionate about reaching people through music.


His services will be focused on children with and without special needs and will be focused on:

- tutoring piano/keyboard and guitar,

- song writing,

- music recording and

- group sessions (choir, singing and performing)


For children with intellectual disabilities and who are limitedly verbal, Junior can offer sessions 'connecting through music'.


Sessions take place:

* in the client's home-environment,

* out in the open or

* at a hall for groups.


Sessions cost:

1p: 1/2h $35. 1h: $60

2p: 1/2h $30. 1h: $55

3p: 1/2h $25. 1h: $45

4p: 1/2h $20. 1h: $35

5p+ 1/2h $17.50 1h: $30