Are you struggling with behavioural challenges in someone without a diagnosis?

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Not all children fit into a certain category. Some children remain undiagnosed.

Many parents face a situation in which a child has certain traits of certain disorders but does not fit the complete picture.
Although a diagnosis is helpful as it indicates a direction to work from, this does not mean that there is no solution to the behavioural difficulties. 
It does mean that it likely will take longer to figure out what the cause of the difficulties is and what the related needs are.

Examples of causes of behavioural challenges in undiagnosed children are:

  • Dealing with gifted children
  • Unclear boundaries in the home situation
  • Insufficient use of positive parenting strategies
  • Misunderstanding the child’s needs
  • Unrecognised underlying special needs
  • Traditional parenting strategies used where special needs treatment is required.
  • Parenting from authority with insufficient involvement and responsibility provided to the child.


    Treatment will initially be focused on assessing difficulties and needs and thus identifying the cause, motives and reinforcements of behaviour. Concrete strategies will be determined based on the outcome of the assessment.