Practical Behaviour Solutions offers a range of services for families struggling with challenging behaviour.

It is our aim to find out reasons behind the behaviours as we are of the opinion that there is always a reason and underlying need for behaviour.

We work family focused and take the needs of all family members into consideration in treatment.

Our service fee for behaviour services is $150 per session.

Payment will take place at the end of the session by EFTPOS. If eligible, the Medicare rebate amount of $96.35 will be put back onto your account straight away.


Practical Behaviour Solutions specialises in problems related to a range of disorder such as (but not limited to):



To be able to provide the best quality care it is important for us to see the child or person with special needs function in his or her real life environment. Additionally we are of the opinion that people are more relaxed in their own environment. Therefore home visits will be provided, but only from:

  • Helensvale to Pottsville

If you live outside of this area but still would like to use our services, we can always meet within these geographic boundaries.



If you live outside of the area outlined below and meeting within the geographic boundaries is not optional, please tell us so we can set up a branch in your area.

As long as we don't have a branch in your area, Skype sessions are available.

Skype sessions cost $100 but are not Medicare eligible unless explicitly approved by Medicare.



Soon to be launched ... our online behaviour services for a quick behaviour solution suited to your personal situation.